Our Story

We are the Tiltons!

We're a small coffee loving family with a mission to spread Gods love! Coffé Amor is a tool to share faith, hope, and love to everyone we come in contact with.Our business allows us to support causes such as youth soccer in El Salvador, sponsor childrens education and host local fundraisers to support our community!

Our Story began in El Salvador where Dave went on a missions trip. During this trip, his passion for helping people sparked an idea for a business. Using his other passion, coffee, as a tool for helping others. At least 10% of profits goes towards causes close to our hearts! Youth soccer & education, cystic fibrosis research and community needs are just a few.

Quality is a top priority for us. We roast our coffee to order so you always get the freshest beans. We will always strive to create a top notch and affordable product for our amazing coffee community.