Coffee from Burundi, Africa! - Coffe Amor Roastery and Cafe

Coffee from Burundi, Africa! - Coffe Amor Roastery and Cafe

We have a new coffee in the house! Burundi is the second African coffee on our roster. These single origin beans are grown at a high elevation of 1860m above sea level, giving it a complex flavor profile that is brought out by our carefully crafted roasting process. Burundi has notes of toffee, tangerine & green apple.

Where do flavor notes come from? There are many factors including climate, elevation, rainfall, and the soil its grown in. Coffee beans often draw flavor from nearby crops. Different flavors are also heightened through the roasting process. 

Burundi is a smooth sipping experience with a clean finish. We roast it to an even and balanced medium roast. We've been roasting coffee here at Coffé Amor for over 10 years and we love getting coffee from new countries! There's a wide differences in flavor of beans from different parts of the Coffee Belt and we are excited to offer another option from Africa! Check out our product inventory to try coffees from other regions such as countries from South America & Central America! Grab a bag of Burundi here.

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