A Guide to our Coffee!

A Guide to our Coffee!

It can be overwhelming when you see a page of coffee options and don’t know the flavors, roast level, origin, and details of each coffee. We roast all of our beans in-house and have crafted precise methods to ensure we bring out the best flavors in our beans. We’ve got a wide variety so we put them in this blog post for an easy way to find what you’ll like! It’s much easier to compare when you can see them side by side! (Please note that we may not always have every coffee on this list available)

Single Origins

Single origin coffee refers to coffee beans sourced from a specific geographic region, often a single country, and sometimes even a particular farm or estate within that region.

Nicaragua - organic, dark roast, notes of dark chocolate and toasted nuts, smooth texture with slight roast flavor

Brasil - full medium roast, rich notes of cocoa, a hint of walnut with a creamy smooth finish

Colombian Excelso - medium roast, smooth & creamy, notes of milk chocolate & orange

Colombian Decaf - medium roast, smooth with notes of cocoa & malt

Costa Rica La Rosa - medium roast, sweet notes of orange, caramel, & honey

Costa Rica Tarrazu - medium roast, bright and smooth with notes of caramel, dark chocolate, and lemon

Costa Rica West Valley - medium roast, complex with bright citrus, caramel and smooths out with hints of dark chocolate

El Salvador - medium roast, smooth, semi-sweet, citrus

Ethiopian Sidamo - medium roast, smooth with earthy & berry notes

Guatemalan Hue Hue - medium roast, creamy, notes of milk chocolate & a citrus finish

Guatemalan Antigua - medium roast, light bodied & creamy with nutty, citrus & chocolate notes

Honduras - organic, medium roast, rich & creamy, notes of honey, milk chocolate, orange

Mexican Chiapas - medium roast, notes of brown sugar, milk chocolate & honey

Mexican Decaf - medium roast, smooth, notes of chocolate, brown sugar & hints of citrus

Peruvian - organic, medium roast, smooth & mild, notes of milk chocolate, orange, and red apple


Blends are made by combining beans of different origins, roasting levels, or processing methods to create a unique and consistent flavor experience.

La Fe - smooth & sweet, notes of caramel, dark chocolate, & lemon

Esperanza - bright and bold blend with hints of roast tones

Amor Blend - hint of brightness, notes of rich cocoa & chocolate and a smooth nuttiness

House Espresso - smooth, rich and perfectly balanced

Flavored Coffee:

Flavored coffee is made by adding flavor oils to beans, typically ones that are more absorbent. The beans soak in the oil for a minimum of 24 hours before they should be ground and brewed.

Highlander Grogg - medium roasted with notes of butterscotch, rum, and just a hint of vanilla that we hand mix in-house

Crazy Jamaican - medium roasted with notes of caramel, vanilla, and coffee liqueur

Seasonal Flavors - we rotate and create new flavors often, so check in on our social media or product page to see what flavors we currently have available!

Don't want to commit? We have 2.5oz sample size packs available! Choose however many you want of whichever coffees you want! These also make great gifts or party favors!

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