2024 Solar Eclipse Coffee

2024 Solar Eclipse Coffee

Looking for solar eclipse themed coffee made by local small businesses? We've got you covered! We're Coffé Amor, a roastery & cafe located in Wapakoneta, Ohio, hometown of Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon! We've been roasting coffee for over 10 years and each coffee whether it's single origin, a blend, or our house espresso is carefully crafted to brew a smooth flavorful cup of coffee.

In celebration of the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8 we've created 2 specialty coffees! First up, inspired by the eclipse itself, is Blackout Brew! Blackout Brew is a medium/dark roast blend that is smooth and finished with roast tones.

Second, Cosmic Caramel Crunch is a flavored medium roast. We flavor Cosmic Caramel Crunch in-house with caramel & hazelnut flavors! This one is for those who like an extra kick of flavor in their coffee. Both coffees are available in 1lb bags!

We always roast-to-order which means you get the freshest coffee possible! You can check out our other house-roasted coffees here

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